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A web site for Egyptian Architects and planners, and everybody interested in Egyptian Art and Architecture. It represents the Egyptian's contributions to the world of Architecture; projects, contemporary and historical buildings, papers, articles, books, thesis or software.




What is Architecture ?

Architectural branches:

Design Technology
Environmental Design
Climatic Design
Vernacular & Echolodge
Landscape Architecture
Interior Design

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Urban Planning


Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Urban, city, or town planning is the discipline of land use planning which explores several aspects of the built and social environments of municipalities and communities. Other professions deal in more detail with a smaller scale of development, namely architecture, landscape architecture and urban design. Regional planning deals with a still larger environment, at a less detailed level.



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Urban Design


Urban Design

What is Urban Design ?

Urban design concerns the arrangement, appearance and functionality of towns and cities, and in particular the shaping and uses of urban public space. It has traditionally been regarded as a disciplinary subset of urban planning, landscape architecture, or architecture.


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What are Housing problems ?

What is economic housing?

What can we do for limited salary people?

What is Family house?

What is slums? what does it causes? what can we do for it?


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What is Archeology ?

Archeology branches:


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Architecture Criticism



What is Criticism ?
What is its Goals?

Architecture Criticism branches:


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Ancient Egypt Architecture


Ancient Egypt

Egypt has been found 7000 years ago, and gone throw many era

We tried to present all these era:

Greek & Roman

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Islamic Egypt Architecture


Islamic Architecture

In Egypt there are many Islamic Monuments specially in Cairo, "City of 1000 Me2zanah", we tried to present most of this Islamic civilization

Islamic Architecture contains:

Roads & Others
European Artists
Research & Thesis

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Modern Egypt Architecture


Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture in Egypt has few styles,



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Egyptian Universities


Egyptian Universities

In Egypt there are many governance universities and special.

This page will present list of them and their links and curriculums, special Architecture or Urban planning branch


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Egyptian Architects



Egypt is one of the most important country in Arab world that has architectural pioneers and contemporaries that affect in Architecture such as Hassan Fathi, Wessa Wassif and more.

Egyptian Architects:

Young Architects

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Egyptian Cities


Egyptian Cities

In Egypt there are many wonderful cities that has magnificent views and life. We will present them as we can.

Egyptian Cities:

Historical Cities
Touristic Cities
Coastal Cities
Industrial Cities
Oasis & Deserted Cities
Nile Cities
New Cities

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Building Types


Building types

Buildings has many types as uses and places.

Building Types:

Resorts and Hotels
Mixed used & Comercial

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Qura'an Miracles


Qura'an Miracles

Qura'an Kareem is the main miracle of sayedna Mohamed peace up on him, and it has a lot of scientific miracles, many articles written about this.
From the architectural point of view, Dr. Yehia wazeri, wrote many papers about Qura'an miracles, and published them in the International council of scientific miracles in Qura'an and Sunna in Mecca in Saudi Arabian, we will present them to be the first step to continue publishing other papers talking about the same issue in sha'a ALLah.

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Architects Career & Jobs


Jobs & Career

Egypt Arch Online is welcome to present Architects C.Vs .

Also the jobs promotions "Academic or ordinary jobs", that we present in our Group, to be available to everyone to see and contact the office or the company that offer these jobs in Architecture or Urban planning, in Egypt or abroad.

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Architecture Awards


Architectural Awards

There is many kinds of Architecture Awards, International, Regional, and local Awards.

In this update we will start with the Egyptian Architects who won International and Regional Architecture Awards, in whole branches [books, architectural design, landscape design, Urban Planning, Papers, Researches, and more.

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Books & Research

Books Visit our Books to see reviews of books in several branches of Architecture, Climatic design, Urban design, Solar Architecture and more. Our Goal is to monitor the architectural motion in Egypt, and find the maximum data to present it to the whole architects or whom are intrested in architecure. We are welcome any contribution or suggestions in this branch.
Research Visit our Research ,to read papers, Masters thesis, and PhD thesis in Architectural department, Climatic design, Urban design, Solar Architecture and more Also you will see Architectural Movies that monitor the architecture in Egypt.
Lectures Visit our Lectures ,to take a look on lectures in Architectural department, Climatic design, Urban design, Solar Architecture or Archeology and more.
Articles Visit our Articles ,to read many articles in Architectural department, about Hassan Fat'hi, Wessa Wassif, Zahi Hawass, and more. You can read books reviews and abstracts books in several architectural branches such as Climatic design, Urban design, Solar Architecture and more.
Architectural Movies Visit our Architectural Movies ,This department created to present Architectural movies that monitering the Architectural styles in Egypt.
Latest News
visit Architectural Education to share in Architectural Education development, answer our questionair in Architecture, Urban, and Archeology branches, to tell us your opinion and to know your suggestions in developing our Architectural Education. Also we will present the latest news in Architectural education development
Visit our Conferences The latest Architectural Exhibitions and conferences in Egypt.
Visit our Competitions You will see the latest competitions and the old ones.
Visit our Exhibitions You will see the latest Exhibitions and archive of the olds.
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