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Monuments and Secrets
An article written by Dr. Zahi Hawas, talking about the History of Alex Library .
These knowledge taken from the manual of Alex Library, translated by Nagla Mahmoud

History Of Old Alex Library:

It built by Batlaymous the First in 288 B.C. to be a Scientific Academic to attract the famous scientists and the intellectuals, then he built a library was grown to contain the whole sides of science in the old world.

It contained 900.000 manuscripts in its best time; it drew the whole scientists, intellectuals and creators.
Public Libraries were known in Egypt before Alexandria such as [Own, San El Hagar, Phyla, Edfo, Dandarah, Luxor, ...etc.].

Alex Library in its first period had a combination of many kinds of civilizations and languages, and the Grecian language was the scientific language in that period [like English now].
The Grecian Intellectual and Philosophy had the biggest value in forming the Hellenistic civilization, and Alex Library was the intellectual lightened of it.

Alex Library had its first fire in 48 B.C. by Yolyous Seyzer in Alexandria war, then it faded more in third and fourth century, then the whole remain burnt in the Serabiom in 391 A.C.

Alex Library affects on the scientists and the intellectuals so much till now, although it passed 1600 year on its disappearance, it still the Center of the scientific and intellectual rays that changed the way of thinking of men.
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