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Islamic Egypt Architecture

Islamic Architecture

European Artists

In 19th century Cairo had a magic natural life full of various architectural creation arts, several shapes and colors of clothes that people were wear it in that period (Kings, Princes, Soldiers, general people, Turkish people, …).

All this crowded life caught the eyes of the European Artist to record all what they saw of wonderful beauty magic natural life and its monuments.
Also they recorded the natural life of the general people with its colors and all details.
This make us have a lot of treasure artist tableau that chronic the whole details of that beautiful wonderful life in that age.

Mohammed Ali Pasha was the first one who encourage the European artist to come to Egypt and live in, by encouraging student to travel to Europe and the artist came to Egypt to draw the wall of King's castles.
Then the beautiful magic life in Cairo attracted them to record the whole details of life with their sensitive feelings and impressions.

We will start with three artists of them [David Roberts, Jean Leon Gerome,
Walter Tendal, Frank Deleon
], and then we will continue presenting them in the next updates ISA.

David Roberts is one of the greatest Oriental's artists in that age, and he is the most genius in style and generation of them al, The first trip to Egypt was in 1838l.

Jean Leon Gerome is one of the most famouse Oriental's artists in the 19th centuary, the first journy to Egypt was in 1854



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