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  Inter Build Conference 2005

Many countries need more urban areas to accommodate their growing population, and maximize the use of national resources and geographical location. These countries, like EGYPT, have set urban extension as a national target. EGYPT aims at raising its own rate of urban expansion to 20 % of the country's area, instead of 4% in the next two decades.
This requires update engineering vision, techniques and legislation to face the problems and challenges encountered in the course of this ambitious project, and to cope with international competition in the light of reduced barriers between different countries and the easy movement of consulting firms and engineering institutions.

Conference aims:

  • To exchange experience and ideas among members of the engineering profession concerned with building and construction.
  • To propel urban expansion in new environments.
  • To internationalize the standards of local engineering to meet globalization.
  • To link scientific progress and practical reality.
  • To encourage cooperation among scientific institutions, and building & construction firms.

Conference theme:

  • Internationalizing the standards of local engineering towards globalization.:
  • Human development.
  • Engineering organizations.
  • Technical development.
  • Urban expansion:
  • Supplying infrastructure to new areas.
  • Management & development of news.
  • Towards buildings compatible with different living environments.
  • Towards a comprehensive urban plan that takes account of economic, geographic, social, environmental and other dimensions.
  • Raising the efficiency and life expectancy of existing buildings.
  • Panel discussions:
  • The conference will include three panel discussions.
  Panel Discussions :
  • The Conference will include some panel discussion.
  Important Appointment:
  • The last date of receiving abstracts (300 word) 15/1/2005
  • Announcing acceptance of abstracts 30/1/2005
  • The last date for complete paper 15/4/2005
  Conference fees:
  • 300 L.E. for residences.
  • 300 $ for non-residences.
  • 75 L.E. for students. (with a university recommendation)

Researchers Participation fees:

  • 200 L.E. for residences.
  • 200 $ for non-residences.

Conference Moderator:

  • Arch. Eng. Adel Lotfy

Head of scientific committee:

  • Prof. Dr. Ahmed Anis

Secretary General :

  • Arch. Eng. Salah Hegab

Contact Info. :