Dr. Ahmed Reda Abdin


MIU- Misr International University
Nefertary school


Misr International University, concepts and analysis

Summary of C.V.

Dr.Ahmad Abdeen is an Egyptian Architect who devoted himself to Environmental Architecture. due to his unbelievable enthusiasm and hard working, he succeeded to challenge all the barriers facing Environmental Design in Egypt, and to cross them.presenting some of the most recognizable Environmental buildings of the late 20th century in Egypt

His buildings have a great climatic design based on deep scientific understanding of thermal behavior of buildings, achieving air movement with wind catches and suction chimneys, without even using a fan, let alone an air conditioner!
building form is directly driven from the building envelope's function as a regulator and controller of heat and light. giving it a unique form and style.

Dr. Abdeen not only challenges the climate and technical problems, but he challenges a common belief among people -including environmental Architects- that building an energy efficient building have a higher initial cost that will be repaid later by saving energy cost. his buildings cost even less at construction time! by reducing unnecessary areas of openings in wrong directions, and eliminating air conditioning devices and depending on passive techniques to achieve comfort, Dr. Abdeen has succeeded to take the economy on his side, in his long and successful fight to make the Egyptian Environmental design a fact on earth, not just a dream written in equations in a thesis or a paper.

In this update of Egypt Architecture we cover 2 of his remarkable buildings, hoping to cover more of them in the near future ISA,with deeper analysis and discussion.

Summary of Curriculum Vitae


Address 29, Refaa St, Dokki, GIZA, Egypt
Date of birth 14 January 1949
Status Married
Telephone 349-6627
FAX 360-4647
E-MAIL aabdin@intouch.com


1976 - 82 PhD Planning and Environmental Design
University of Strathclyde, GLASGOW, Scotland
1974 Advanced Computer Course
Computer Center, Cairo University
1972 - 74 Postgraduate Courses in Architectural and Urban Planning
Cairo University
1972 BArch
Cairo University


1986 Basic Technical English for Postgraduates
British Council, Cairo
1980 Building Research and Research Centers
Building Research Establishment, Watford, England
1978 Building Science, Climate and Energy
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
1977 Dynamic System and Power Design
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


1995 - Professor of Architectural Design and Environmental Control
Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
1990 - 95 Associate Professor of Architectural Design and Environmental Control
Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
1986 - 95 National Project Director, UNDP
UN Development Project for the Governorates of the Third Region - Sharkia, Port Said, Ismailia, Suez and South Sinai
1983 - 94 Lecturer
Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
1972 - 83 Assistant Lecturer
Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University


  Egyptian Engineering Syndicate
  Egyptian Engineering Society
  Egyptian Architectural Society
  Egyptian Planners Society
  Egyptian Health and Environment Society
  Egyptian Society for Wildlife


Consultant The National Geophysics and Astronomy Research Center, Helwan
Consultant Belayim Petroleum Company, Cairo
Consultant National Health Insurance Authority
Consultant Expert The Public Housing and Building Company
Consultant Expert Environmental Studies for the UN Regional Development Project
Member Housing society of National Building, Housing and New
Communities Research Center
Consultant Faculty of Law, Cairo University
Consultant Faculty of Science, Cairo University
Consultant Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
Consultant Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University
Consultant Misr University of Science and Technology, 6th October City