Gamal Taha


Curriculum Vitae

Gamal Taha
is a young Egyptian Architect, who fell in love with Islamic cairo, his Master thesis is about its Archiecture and Urban form, and that was reflected clearly in his architecture. the aesthetic values of history is sound in his designs for tourist villages, housing and even in schools.

Curriculum Vitae


Name Gamal Mohamed Taha Mohamed
Nationality Egyptian
Date of Birth 31 / 12 / 1972
Marital Status Single
Military Status Finished
Address 2 Al Gala'a St. El Basateen - Cairo
Tel 7038236


Domistrator / Lecturer at Department Of Urban Design at Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning Cairo University.


- Bachelor of architect engineering Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University with accumulated grade very good and a grade excellent to the project at the term of July 1996.
- Have a preliminary of master's degree at urban design, Faculty of urban and regional planning Cairo University at the term of July 1996.
I have a grade of excellent at the four years at the subject of theories and history of architecture - department of architecture engineering.
Preparing a research at rehabilitation of old Cairo.
Preparing a research at the role of legislation and religion at building during all of the eras.


During the time of training:
From 1/7 to 1/9 at 1995 at the third years, department of architecture: Joint CONNECT Office 3 Shehab St. El Mohandeseen.
Sharing At:
1. Preparing executive designs.
2. Project of clock Tower of Cairo University.
3. Designing housing villas.
4. Making the interior design for the villas at six of October City.
After the graduation I worked:
From 1/8/1996 to 1/11/1998 " in CONNECT Office, 3 Shehab St. El Mohandeseen "


Sharing at preparing executive designs for the next projects: -
1. The project of lagoon club village.
2. The project of Groud El Kanka.
3. Preparing the executive designs for a housing building at El Maadi.
4. The executive designs for Hamdi Abd Azem's villa at six of October City.
5. Making a design for Groud El Kanka's villas.
6. Mohi El Dean El Gareb's villa at Suez Canal.
7. The building design for villas and beach cabins of announcements village at the Northern coast.
8. Sharing at the building design of Al Faroukia Tower "housing project".
9. Making a design for a public location for El Goharee's villa at Six of October City.

From 18/10/1996 to 1/4/1997:

- Receiving the work as an Administrator at the faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, Cairo University.

From 1/ 11 / 1998 up till now is working at the office of "Consultative Group"

Working as an architect designer for the following projects: -
1. Making a design for models Sama Hill's villa village at six of October city.
2. Making a design for the hotel of Sama Hill's villa village at six of October city.
3. Making a design for part said village " at Marsa Alam, red sea "

The main building.
The building of time- share.
Diving center.
Children club.
Shopping center.
Health club.
The main cafeteria.
Rooms at the upstairs plus the first floor.
Services building.

4. Design of expanding of Sharom Dreams extension:

Making a design of Health club.
Making a design of the gate Sharom Dreams village
Making interior design of the shopping centers to the Trade center Sharm Dreams village.
Making a design for villas of Ras sedr village.
Designing the villa of Ragab Shagalu at Libya.
Designing the wall of Klawy village "Marsa Alam Red Sea".
Designing the second stage of port Saeed village "Marsa Alam Red Sea"
Designing the second stage of Port Said village "Marsa Alam Red Sea"

From 4/4/1999 to 17/5/1999

Designing of Royal Hills' village "Marsa Alam Red Sea".
Designing of the layout.
Designing of the main building.
Designing of the villas and housing models.

From 12/1/1999 to 5/2/1999:

Redeveloping the island of Abo simbl at Aswan.
Making a design of Noba village.
Making a design of the port of Nile Ships.
Making the urban design to the elevation of the Nile and the temple.
Making the architect image to the shop.

From 15/8/1998 to 1/9/1998

Drawing perspective of El Faroukia Building.
Drawing perspective of announcements village.
Drawing perspective for housing building at six of October City.

From 30/6/1998 to 15/10/1998:

Sharing at architect competition to the building of the union of contractors.

From 18/4/1999 to 30 /4/1999

Making an architect design of housing tower at one of the area of Cairo.
Redeveloping the master plan of Hurghada City.

Since October 2000 ;

Participating in a research project on "Visual Pollution in Medieval Cairo" funded by the Egyptian Ministerial Academy of Scientific Research.
In July 1999 I had participated in Redeveloping Hurghada'