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Historical Cairo is not a set of Historical roads and dead monuments, it is a life interaction between humans and their environment and history., it is a spirit that lives inside each of its sons and lovers.
Historical Cairo is the stage where the great works of Nagib Mahfooz were played, and where
Life never stops, day or night!
This section of the site tries to help us all to To feel, understand, enjoy and preserve this treasure, for our sons and daughters, and for the world.
    Luxor Temple
    Karnak Temple
    Hatshebsout Temple
    Habo Temple
    Phialah Temple
    We will present the Churches in Old Cairo and few of other Churches in several places in Egypt.
    Islamic Monuments In Cairo

It  presents some of the Islamic Monuments in Old Cairo


Re-planning of Historical Districts in Cairo

Dr. Mohammad Abbas el Zafarany
Master thesis: The whole Master. (in Arabic)


Historical Cairo in eyes of European Artist in 19th century

Davied Roberts, Walter Tendal, and Frank Delone.


El Suhamy House

It presents another side of the Historical Cairo.


Aesthetics of Islamic Architecture and Urban Form in Islamic Cairo

Gamal Taha

A part of Research project conducted in Faculty of Regional and Urban Planning: (in Arabic)