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Qasr Bashtak
Construction Date 1334 - 1339 A.D. (735-740 A.H.)
Construction Era Bahri Mamluk era
Constructor Name Amir Bashtak al-Nasiri
Building Type Palace "House", "Qasr"
Current  Statues In Good Condition
Historical Lieu  
Monument Address Darb Qormoz in Al Moizz ledin Ellah street
Qasr Bashtak whose main facade on Sharia al-Muizz is identified by Mashrabiya windows is a unique example of fourteenth century domestic architecture and the best existing preserved palace of its time.  Its owner, Bashtak, was the son-in-law of Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad and one of the most powerful amirs of his time.   A lozenge-shaped blazon indicating Bashtak's title, that of Master of the Robes, is embedded in the masonry of the side facade above the entrance archway.

The main entrance to the palace is ten meters off Sharia al-Muizz on Darb Qarmiz Street.   The staircase leads to the main reception hall of the palace that is topped by a coffered ceiling and overlooked by a side mashrabiya gallery, allowing women to observe the passerby without themselves being seen.  The balcony of the palace allows a great view of the adjacent sabil-kuttab of Katkhuda and the mashrabiya on the first and second floor are strategic points for monitoring the bustling crowd of Sharia al-Muizz

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