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Wikalat BazaR'a













Wikalat BazaR'a
Construction Date 11th century A.H./17th century A.D.
Construction Era Ottoman era
Constructor Name Wikala-Rab' of al-Bazar'a, Complex of al-Bazar'a, Wikala and Rab of al Bazara
Building Type commercial, residential
Current  Statues In Good Condition
Historical Lieu  
Monument Address Gamaliyya next to the mosque of Gamal al-din al-Ustadar

Built in the 17th c., the Wikala-Rab' of al-Bazar'a indicates the persistence of this type of commercial architecture which was fixed towards the end of the 15th c. (e.g., the Wikala of Sultan Qaytbay of 1480). It consists of stores on the ground floor, lodgings in a gallery on the second floor, and a rab' on the two top floors with split-level apartments with private terraces. Its remarkable verticality is characteristically Egyptian, and forms an interesting contrast with the Rab'-Wikala of Dhu'l Fiqar Katkhuda (1673), which is rather horizontal, probably following Syrian models.

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