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Examples of Environmental Architecture in Egypt
The work of Dr. Ahmad Abdeen

Dr.Ahmad Abdeen
is an Egyptian Architect who devoted himself to Environmental Architecture. he succeeded to challenge the barriers facing Egyptian Environmental Design, presenting some of the most recognizable Contemporary Environmental buildings in Egypt
  Climatic Design of Buildings
This is a PHD Research of Dr. Abbas El Zafarany:
In this update we will present two parts of this PhD:
Environmental Architecture
The first part, will present the several kinds of environmental architecture and the deferent schools of architecture, such as, Passive Solar Architecture, Positive Solar Architecture, Energy Saving Architecture, Regoinal Architecture, Vernacular Architecture, and so on, also it will explain the meaning of Climatic Design, aim, problems, who is the climatic designer, and more.
Design Technology

The third chapter of Phd will present the new technology that used in the design branch like using computers and its accessories, also we will know the new changes that appeared in creation, the strang and unproper shapes in buildings, the freedome of designing ideas that appeared in projects, by using this new technology.

Urban Agriculture in Arid Developing countries

while it is important to increase the plantation in urban Areas, it is not an environmental Attitude to waste the rare water for no benefit.
the Concept of Urban Agriculture solves this dilemma by using Productive plants in the Urban landscape plantations, this way all the aesthetic and environmental benefits of the plants are gained, in addition to food, wood, fuel, or economically valuable roses.

this paper translated by Nagla Mahmoud, gives more details about the concept and its application in developing countries.