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  Ein Shams University students Architects
  Editor Note:
In this new branch we will present students projects, to show the whole world what our architects students do in thier facoulty.
Hope if any one want to present his project to send it to my email in jpg extension in high resoulotion, writing his name and the name of the project, name of his facoulty, the date of his graduation, or the date of his project.
  Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 Ein Shams Architects


  Project 1
Abbas Mohamed El Zafarany
Project: Renewable Research Center 1988
  Project 2
Abbas Mohamed El Zafarany
Project: Library 1988
  Project 3
Abbas Mohamed El Zafarany
Project: Museum in 6 of October City, Egypt 1988
  Project 4
Nagla Mahmoud Abdel Moniem