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A web site for Egyptian Architects and planners, and everybody interested in Egyptian Art and Architecture.
It represents the Egyptian's contributions to the world of Architecture; projects, contemporary and historical buildings, papers, articles, books, thesis or software.


Hassan Fat'hy: The Roots!

Hassan Fat'hy is the first Egyptian Architect in the 20th century who did not import Architectural Ideologies from the west. On contrary, he exported new Ideologies, and represented to the world a whole new architecture which has a major fingerprint stamped on our architectural thinking.

in this update of
Egypt Architecture, more images of Hassan Fat'hy's projects are added, and a new section about the roots of his architecture, featuring el-Bagawat,
a cemetery in el-Wahat el kharga built with mud brick, which influenced Hassan Fat'hy
Examples of Environmental Architecture in Egypt
The work of Dr. Ahmad Abdeen

Dr.Ahmad Abdeen
is an Egyptian Architect who devoted himself to Environmental Architecture. he succeeded to challenge the barriers facing Egyptian Environmental Design, presenting some of the most recognizable Contemporary Environmental buildings in Egypt
Re-planning of Historical Districts in Cairo
A Master thesis by Dr. Mohammad Abbas el Zafarany

this thesis handles the problems of historical districts in a comprehensive way, that conserves the historical values and buildings, while looking forward for a better future and life standard for the people in the area.

finished in 1968, it has a special importance, it is the first research work conducted in the topic, which opened the way for most of the great work that followed, emphasizing the comprehensive Human-historic approach.
this update contains the full text and graphs of first volume (3 chapters) covering history of Cairo, the other 2 volumes will Follow soon ISA.
Urban Agriculture in Arid Developing countries

while it is important to increase the plantation in urban Areas, it is not an environmental Attitude to waste the rare water for no benefit.
the Concept of Urban Agriculture solves this dilemma by using Productive plants in the Urban landscape plantations, this way all the aesthetic and environmental benefits of the plants are gained, in addition to food, wood, fuel, or economically valuable roses.

this paper translated by Nagla Mahmoud, gives more details about the concept and its application in developing countries.
Aesthetics of Architecture and Urban Form in Islamic Cairo

A paper by Gamal Taha

Gamal Taha is not just a research assistant writing a paper about Islamic Cairo, he is a lover writing a love poem to his beloved Cairo!
this Paper helps us to understand the aesthetics and hidden beauty of the magnificent world of Islamic architecture and urban Form in Cairo, I hope we will be able to enjoy it after reading this
love poem.



  Editor's Note

For several millenniums, Egyptians have lead the Architecture of the whole world, this bright history actually puts a load on our shoulders as contemporary Egyptian Architects and planners, if we really want to be proud of our ancestors, we have to do a positive step to regain the lead, or at least stop being lagging behind the whole world!

For more than two centuries now, we have been just importing Architectural ideas and technologies from the west (as we have been doing in all aspects of our life), and for no more than 50 years we began to explore our Architectural heritage to find a new source to learn. The step forward, which should be taken now, is to digest all resources of knowledge, and to introduce to the world a new Contemporary Egyptian Architecture:


This will not be done by a single person, it needs the cooperation of hundreds of minds and hands, may be a whole generation of Architects and Intellectuals have to contribute to such a process till we find a solid product.

That's why this site has been created.

To provide a link and an Information source to everybody who wants to contribute, and to open a gate to publish ideas and discuss them with others. It is open for any contribution, any Architect who wants to publish his work: projects, articles, papers or thesis, is welcome. It's also open for any news, or announcements about conferences, seminars, competitions, expositions or new products.

We welcome anyone want to share us, or want to publish his work in the site, just send us an email to know the way of publishing your works, papers, articles, ...etc.