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A web site for Egyptian Architects and planners, and everybody interested in Egyptian Art and Architecture.
It represents the Egyptian's contributions to the world of Architecture; projects, contemporary and historical buildings, papers, articles, books, thesis or software.



Egyptian Pioneers

Save New Gourna !!!
New Gourna, the crown Jewell of all masterpieces created by Hassan Fathi, is facing its doom!
visiting the village in 2002 spring , Egyptarch team was shocked by what is happening there, most of the houses have bean demolished, and concreat multi-story buildings were erected instead!
is there a Hope to save the few remaining treasures of Gourna? see by yourself the current image in this review!

Ramsis Wessa Wassef
Review by Professor: Taher Al Sadek
Ramses Wissa Wassef , not only a great Egyptian Architect, but a great community developer as well!
Wissa he has achieved on earth goes far ahead of the dreams of most architects, by exploding the artistic capabilities of the community, he created great architecture, Masterpieces of Art of weaving, and a much better community that still remembers the hands of him, years after he Died

Read what another great Builder and Planner (
dr.Taher el Sadek
) wrote about him

Historical Cairo

Re-planning of Historical Districts in Cairo
A Master thesis by Dr. Mohammad Abbas el Zafarany
This thesis handles the problems of historical districts in a comprehensive way, that conserves the historical values and buildings, while looking forward for a better future and life standard for the people in the area.
Finished in 1968, it has a special importance, it is the first research work conducted in the topic, which opened the way for most of the great work that followed, emphasizing the comprehensive Human-historic approach.
This update contains the full text, graphs, tables, pictures and references.

Old Cairo in eyes of European Artist of the 19th century
In 19th century, Cairo contained a variety of people who were different in Tongue, Costumes and Nationality. The European Artist recorded this period with their paints.
let's take a journey in old Cairo in 19th century from the point of view of the European Artist, like
David Roberts, Walter Tendal, and Frank Delone

El Suhaimy House
This time we will introduce another part of old Cairo, its name is El Suhaimy House, it located in El Darb el Asfar [Yellow Darb] in El Moez ledeen Ellah El Fatimy street.
It is one of the most beautiful houses in old Cairo, that contains Islamic Architecture, details, Furniture, and landscape, and more.
Lets make a journey in it to see what a beautiful seen it contains.

New Projects

Al Fostat Ceramic Center

Gamal Amer,
is one of Hassan Fat'hi's faithful students.
Ceramic Center
he used the Islamic and Bizantine elements common in El Fostat area, in a different way to create a new architecture, living in harmony with its context of Mosques, Churches, and buildings.

Alexandrina... the new Alexandria library
It is the famous library in the world, it is in Alexandria.
We will know a little about its history and you can take a journey through its spaces, to see the wonderful building that located in the best city on the Mediterranean, in Alexandria. You will found:- link of Alex Library, Also you can read an article titled Monuments and Secrets
written by
Dr. Zahi Hawas
, talking about the History of Alex Library.

Form or Space?
The Competition of the Technology Museum

A review covers most of the winning Projects of this competition,
which expressed an over emphasis of the mass form, while drawing a big question Mark about the Aesthetics of Spaces formed accidentally between masses! discussed by
Dr. Abbas el-Zafarany.
Also we will see brief review about the Architect who won the
first prize, Architect: Gamal Bakry. who is one of the symbols of contemporary Egyptian architecture, more of his work will grace the Pages of EgyptArch in the coming updates ISA.

Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture
1- Montaza
In North of Egypt in Alexandria
(The princess of Mediterranean)
, we will know some historical knowledge about it, and we will show wonderful pictures from this Egyptian Paradise.

Nobean Museum

2- Noubian Museum
In Upper Egypt, from Aswan,
Built by
Architect [Mahmoud el Hakeem].
landscape Architect [Dr. Laila el Massry, and Dr. Maher Stino], who won the Agha Khan Prize in 2001, in the landscape from el Unisco.
Also you can see some pictures of the landscape Architecture and the interior of the museum.

Vernacular Architecture

Vernacular Architecture
What is Vernacular Architecture? Where can we find it ?
We will present examples and know all about it by an Article
written by
Dr. Abbas El Zafarany:
Teneeda, it located in el Dakhlah Oasis,West Desert.

2- Sendadaya, it located in el Khargah Oasis,West Desert.

Climatic Design of Buildings

Climatic Design of Buildings
It is the first chapter of PHD of Dr. Abbas El Zafarany:
Environmental Architecture
it presents several kinds of environmental architecture and the deferent schools of architecture, such as, Passive Solar Architecture, Positive Solar Architecture, Energy Saving Architecture, Regional Architecture, Vernacular Architecture, and so on, also it will explain the meaning of Climatic Design, aims, problems, who is the climatic designer, and more.

Design Technology
It is the third chapter of the PHD of
Dr. Abbas El Zafarany
, it presents the new technology of design using computers and the new changes that appeared by using this new technology.

Interior Design and Furniture Design

Interior Design and Furniture Design
We will present few projects of a young Architect who is playing a Romantic music with his Furniture design and Interior design.
Ayman El Sherbieny is one of the talented Architects in Interior Design or in Furniture, we will try to show you some of his works.



  Editor's Note

For several millenniums, Egyptians have lead the Architecture of the whole world, this bright history actually puts a load on our shoulders as contemporary Egyptian Architects and planners, if we really want to be proud of our ancestors, we have to do a positive step to regain the lead, or at least stop being lagging behind the whole world!

For more than two centuries now, we have been just importing Architectural ideas and technologies from the west (as we have been doing in all aspects of our life), and for no more than 50 years we began to explore our Architectural heritage to find a new source to learn. The step forward, which should be taken now, is to digest all resources of knowledge, and to introduce to the world a new Contemporary Egyptian Architecture:


This will not be done by a single person, it needs the cooperation of hundreds of minds and hands, may be a whole generation of Architects and Intellectuals have to contribute to such a process till we find a solid product.

That's why this site has been created.

To provide a link and an Information source to everybody who wants to contribute, and to open a gate to publish ideas and discuss them with others. It is open for any contribution, any Architect who wants to publish his work: projects, articles, papers or thesis, is welcome. It's also open for any news, or announcements about conferences, seminars, competitions, expositions or new products.

We welcome anyone want to share us, or want to publish his work in the site, just send us an email to know the way of publishing your works, papers, articles, ...etc.