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Green Areas in Cairo
The Problem and solution opportunities

Abbas M. el-Zafarany
Lecturer, Faculty of Urban Planning, Cairo University


Cairo is Facing a severe shortage in Green spaces, both in quantity and distribution, the green area barely reaches 1.5 m2 per person, but In spite of this fact, the Problem Can be solved or at least its severity can be reduced if it was handled seriously, Cairo still has chances for Increasing its green spaces.
This Paper is seeking a solution for this problem, by suggesting strategies for increasing green areas, exploring the opportunities of applying them in Cairo and estimating their quantities, to prove that there is a possible solution.
This might be achieved through greening of all left over spaces and undeveloped areas within Cairo boundaries, including the planned green belt and Mokkattam mountain, and by changing some Land uses within Cairo Into greens, such as Industrial zones and Railway service areas, and by double use of some urban Spaces by forestry, such as Parking lots, cemeteries, roads, and railways.
This has proved that green areas can be increased five folds, up to 7.5 m2 per person,

Green areas, Open spaces shortage, solution Strategies, Cairo, Urban Environment



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