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What is Architecture ?

"The 20th century Architecture is not a new style that we can follow, but it is a way of right thinking, depend on right science and fine art. It is made by realistic engineers connected to life, and they never forget the real goal of it, that is [utilizing science, art, and theories to accomplish the Architectural needs of people].
Dr. Erfaan Sami


Architecture is: the art of constructing the buildings that achieve 'Utility', 'Strength', and 'Beauty', and fulfill the materialistic and psychological needs of people, within the available resources and latest technology in this era.
Dr. Erfaan Sami (The Architecture of the 20th Century)

Architectural works are accurate records in every era.
Painters can paint, and writers can write alone, away from people, but architects can't build or realize their thoughts, unless people around them agree with what they do.
Dr. Erfaan Sami

Architecture is the wonderful playing with solids under the sunlight.
Le Corboisier



Architectural branches:

Design Technology
Environmental Design
Climatic Design
Landscape Architecture
Interior Design