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Book winner 
Award of Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities

Urban development and architectural heritage
For the Holy City of Jerusalem

Written by: Dr. Yehia Wazeri

Table of Contents & short review
English version abstract
Arabic version abstract
Arabic complete review

When the architectural heritage is symbolize culture of struggle

With this sentence Dr. Yehia wazeri - the author of this book -, summed of the homeland and nation conflict, these words are sincere reflection about what happens to Jerusalem since its inception until now. This holy city is under Israeli occupation for attacks on humans, stones, the risk of settlement and Judaization, and the attempt to remove the Islamic monuments for preparing in full control on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, to build the alleged temple on the Temple Shrine Mount in Jerusalem.

Although the excavations carried out since more than a century ago did not produce any evidence linking between Jews and the ancient city.

All national issue has its warriors and defenders, whether it is Weapon or pen. The soldier fights on the battlefield with his gun. In addition, the writer defended his nation issues with his thoughts and pen, often thoughts weapon might be most important and dangerous, especially if it directed to those familiar with the theft and falsification of the facts of history.

This is what Dr. Yehia Wazeri - the authorship of this book - did, which is an important and indispensable reference for the registration date of this holy city and its architectural heritage since its inception and until now. Moreover, what is happened there where violations of its architectural and urban heritage, Muslim and Christian alike, also it contains the full vocabulary of Islamic and Christian monuments.

As well as warning each Judaization attempts by the Israelis and their attempts to erase and obscure features of the holy city and turn it into an Israeli city despite all over the world, and contrary to the Lahai's document that preserve the architectural heritage and civilization of any country.

For all these important reasons, this book deserved to take the first prize from the Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities on the merits in the field of architectural writing 2007, in the same year, which coincides with the passage of 40 years since the occupation of Jerusalem's on the Old City.

You can read this book to find out the ideas and the contents of it that chronicled and documented for the city.  This city is one of the holiest cities that Muslims have after Mecca and Medina. , After reading this book you will be sure that the issue of it is the case of all people who are interested in culture and monuments, and how should we protect them from theft, Also it is the case of all Arab nation and the entire Muslim world, not only a Palestine case.

Arch. Nagla Mahmoud  



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