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Climatic Design

the importance of the Climatic Design is widely known among Architects and Urban planners, it is rarely applied in the professional practice

Climatic Designs to solve the Conceptual Conflicts, and suggests using the approach of (Computer Aided Climatic Design) as a solution to the complexity of the Design process.



Climatic Design of Buildings
PHD Thesis of Dr. Abbas El Zafarany presents the Climatic design and the importance of it, and its affects in Architecture.

Translated Papers:

Urban Agriculture in Arid Developing countries
while it is important to increase the plantation in urban Areas, it is not an environmental Attitude to waste the rare water for no benefit.
the Concept of Urban Agriculture solves this dilemma by using Productive plants in the Urban landscape plantations, this way all the aesthetic and environmental benefits of the plants are gained, in addition to food, wood, fuel, or economically valuable roses.

This paper translated by Nagla Mahmoud, gives more details about the concept and its application in developing countries.



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