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Students Architects

In this branch we will appreciate to present the top ten projects in the whole Egyptian universities, Hope if any one want to present his project to send it to our email in jpg extension in high resolution, writing his name, name of the project, name of his faculty, date of his graduation, or date of his project.

    Cairo University
  Ain Shams university students projects Ein Shams University:
We will introduce projects of two students in Ein Shams University in 1988
    ALexandria University
  Mansoura uvniversity students projects Mansoura University:
We will introduce many projects of students in Mansoura University in 2002 as a start.
  Helwan university students projects Helwan University:
We will introduce many projects of students in Helwan University in 1999
  Areesh university students projects El-Areesh University:
This time is deferent, we will present students projects of 1st year in Areesh university faculty of Engineering Architecture department year 2008 first term.
We will present these projects to be an example for other students and to be the first step for what we shall do in the future.
    Faculty of Engineering in Shoubra


Egyptian Architects:

Young Architects