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Dr. Abbas El-Zafarany Lectures:

Environmental Lectures

Department of Architecture and Environmental design

Course outline

Aesthetics of water

Sensual beuaty
Visual stimulation: Color , Reflection,
          Movement( continuous/ sudden)
Living organizms
Sound stimulation: sea waves, water falls, fountains..
Touch: wetness: sprays and splashes, swimming
Thermal senses: cool, refreshing…
Smell: sea smell, purity,..
Gravity, acceleration: swimming, diving,
 rapid river canooing, waterfall jumping and diving
Visual composition
          Movement and rhythm
Coastline/ contrast

The river: Purity, calmness, continuous stream, life, prosperity
The sea: Power, fear, the Unknown, Adventure, risk, trade..
Water falls: power, gravity, acceleration, violence/tenderness, scale
Lake, Pond
water plants
marine life
Integrating water with architecture and landscape:
water Gardens:   
          swimming pool:
                   Pool, stairs, deck, seats, serving pit
Pond and stream
Water lines, water pool, fountain mass and
Water falls…  spring
water in Architecture:
water in the interiors
water in exteriors
          floating houses
          building adjacent to water
exmple:Falling water house
The River Nile
Egypt, the gift of Nile
Geography and History of the Nile
Egyptians and the Nile: The legendry marriage between Man and Environment.
Nile valley: Natural or man Made Environment?
       Understanding water fronts:

  • The veiwer bank, framing the view

Frame sides and top
Frame bottom: the Bank
Visual blocking
2- Water area:
water color and purity
water movement
contents : plants, rocks, boats….,

  • opposite bank:

coast line: the bank
land, ground cover, plantation…),
the background (skyline, depth of field…)

  • photograph 4 types of water Gardens components, on a transparent overlay analyze its Aesthetics
  • photograph a scene that shows the glory of Nile in Cairo and its suburbs, on a transparent overlay analyze the water fronts and their Aesthetics.



Dr. Yehia Waziry
Dr. Tarek Abdel Ra'ouf
Dr. Abbas El-Zafarany