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A web site for Egyptian Architects and planners, and everybody interested in Egyptian Art and Architecture.
It represents the Egyptian's contributions to the world of Architecture; projects, contemporary and historical buildings, papers, articles, books, thesis or software.



Islamic Architecture

Islamic Architecture in Old Cairo
Egypt has a lot of monuments, in various era, Phearonic , Qoptic , and a lot of Islamic monuments specially in Old Cairo or the Thousands Minarets city. Arab Islamic Artiest and Architects create a lot of wonderful ornaments, and many kinds of Buildings. Let us take u in a tour and see some of these Islamic Architecture.
Mosques in Old Cairo
In Thousands minarets city we have many kinds of mosques in various era, like Fatimed , Ottmand, Turkish, and so on. let us see some of those mosques and try to know a lot of data about them.
Also we present many parts of a very important book talking about Islamic Architecture  in Egypt, Its titled  "The value of Beauty in Islamic Cairo". "in Arabic"
Houses in Old Cairo

We present some of Islamic Houses, Wekalah, and schools.
Lets see what is inside these Buildings.

Wessa Wassef
I found this article talking about Wessa Wassef and his art center that he designed, in Tour Egypt site, hope it will be useful, you can find it in the following link.












Ecolodge in Egypt

What is Ecolodge? Does Hassan Fathi use Ecolodge in Architecture?
Where can we find Ecolodge in Egypt?
All the answers can be found in this section.
Siwa Oasis
Siwa is one of the Best Oasis in Egypt.
In this section we can find more data about Siwa in three articles written by Dr. Zahi Hawas, also a lot of pictures and useful links.
Ne3mat Alla Resort
This Resort is the best sample of Ecolodge in Siwa and in Egypt too.
Lets see a lot of picture expressing exterior and the interior.






New Project

zabargad Resort
This Resort is a real example of Hassan Fathy's Architecture, It is  located on Red Sea coast, in Hamata. you can  know more in this section.
it designed by Eng. Tarek Hussien Reyaad. He is a talented architect.




Solar Architecture

Climatic Design of Buildings
In this update we present all the PhD of Dr. Abbas el Zafarany, two chapters in image style, and the other chapters in PDF files, you can download them.

Dome Radiation
This paper written by Dr. Abbas El Zafarany
The aim of this paper is to evaluate the climatic performance of domes and their impact on improving the overall building performance, to reduce the uncertainty level associated with the topic.

Solar Screen
This paper created by Dr. Abbas El Zafarany.
It presents a highly selective method for shading east and west windows using inclined sun breakers.








Urban Design

  Urban Design
Ras el Hekma Resort
This Resort designed by Dr. Abbas El Zafarany in 1997 in North coast of Alexandria. This project still on paper, but it is one of the best projects in Urban design and Architectural design, hope it will be useful for all.




Center Of Planning and Architectural studies

Center of Planning and Architectural studies
This center has many branches, Alam al Bena'a Magazine "Building World", Press center, design center of Planning and Architecture.
  3Alam Al-Bennaa Magazine
We present the titles of the  whole subjects of this magazine in the 20th presses of it, if you want any details of it, just contact the center.
  Presses of the Center
You can find the name of most of their presses, if you want to buy any of it just contact the center, you can find all contacts in their page.
  Projects of the Center
You can find a list of the whole projects that the center made it .








We presented one PhD and one Master, we added abstracts of others in Asyout University. we hope to publish all your works if we can.
We are welcome any one want to publish his research, PhD or Master.
This branch is new, we started it by Dr. Abbas El Zafarany PhD.
We added many abstracts of PhDs in Asyout University in several subjects.
We started by Dr. Mohamed Abbas el Zafarany Master from the first update, in this time we added some of the Abstracts of
Masters in Asyout University in several Issues.
As a start we present the two research in solar Architecture created by Dr. Abbas El Zafarany.









Samples of 3D Projects

Samples of 3D projects
This is new section in our site, we started by few examples of 3D views made by 3d Studio, and ArchiCad program, designed by members of egyptach group. If any one has samples like this by programs like these or others, sure we are welcoming them.
Mahmoud Ali Samples
Nancy Mamdouh Samples
Nour El dean Samples
Wael Samples
Maket Samples











  Assyout Conference
You will find the dates of this conference and the cost price of sharing in.
  AL - Azhar Conference
Here you can find the dates of the conference and the cost of sharing it, also the key persons and the contacts






  Editor's Note

For several millenniums, Egyptians have lead the Architecture of the whole world, this bright history actually puts a load on our shoulders as contemporary Egyptian Architects and planners, if we really want to be proud of our ancestors, we have to do a positive step to regain the lead, or at least stop being lagging behind the whole world!

For more than two centuries now, we have been just importing Architectural ideas and technologies from the west (as we have been doing in all aspects of our life), and for no more than 50 years we began to explore our Architectural heritage to find a new source to learn. The step forward, which should be taken now, is to digest all resources of knowledge, and to introduce to the world a new Contemporary Egyptian Architecture:


This will not be done by a single person, it needs the cooperation of hundreds of minds and hands, may be a whole generation of Architects and Intellectuals have to contribute to such a process till we find a solid product.

That's why this site has been created.

To provide a link and an Information source to everybody who wants to contribute, and to open a gate to publish ideas and discuss them with others. It is open for any contribution, any Architect who wants to publish his work: projects, articles, papers or thesis, is welcome. It's also open for any news, or announcements about conferences, seminars, competitions, expositions or new products.

We welcome anyone want to share us, or want to publish his work in the site, just send us an email to know the way of publishing your works, papers, articles, ...etc.